X Online is our global platform and software that leverages and synergizes innovative technology (VR, AR, Wearables, AI, Blockchain) with gamification to create an immersive, fun, everyday self development experience for you.

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X Alliance is a free network strictly for the development of conscious leaders who are either in business or aspiring to be, and ready to further awaken to better serve their clients and solve global problems starting with their own industries.

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X Vision firstly helps you experience a limitless innovative vision for yourself and business, then we help you bring that vision to life by leverage our own strategic consultants, innovative tech developers, and experienced advisors.

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Our vision at X Online is to create the ultimate immersive self development experience by leveraging accelerating innovate technology, with core principals of gamification and human psychology, along with the exploration of partnerships with staple brands to maximize our reach and user base.


We are currently in a phase of validation as we continue to test our software, technology and IP through a closed beta to better refine our formula and model as we continue to develop V1 of our Mobile Application.


At this stage our closed beta is full but we are open to discuss our vision with potential partners, industry leaders and investors who have an interest in the direction of our vision.


From any enquiries you are welcome to contact us via Instagram where our Chief Executive, Visionary, and Innovation Officer Chent Thambiah will personally get back to you : Contact X Online

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